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The rate of change within the automotive industry is increasing, pushing vehicle manufacturers to constantly innovate and improve technology. As a technology partner, our goal at BTC Automotive is to provide our customers with application-specific support combined with innovative rolling bearing solutions. In close cooperation with our customers, system services are improved, efficiency increased and environmental challenges overcome.


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Drawing on the BTC Group's extensive industry knowledge, which ranges from automotive and aerospace applications through to medical technology, BTC Automotive is an expert in extreme, challenging and complex fields of application. This wealth of experience forms the basis of our application-specific development and implementation of rolling bearing solutions for our customers.

Whether a standard product or a customer-specific development is required, BTC accompanies you along the entire product development process from prototypes to series production.

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braking systems

In commercial and passenger vehicle braking systems, we offer a wide range of rolling bearings and components as the basis for an application-specific design. Robust, reliable and low-wear, ball and needle roller bearings from BTC are the ideal solution in this application.

ed-steering system

steering systems

The steering system and its electrification play a decisive role in many new developments within the automotive sector. BTC Automotive is able to optimise established technologies as well as support customers with roller bearing solutions in innovative designs.

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engine systems 

Improving engine performance, reducing friction and maintenance, as well as extending service life are just some of the goals when designing rolling bearings for the engine system. BTC Automotive has extensive experience of reaching these goals and requirements in partnership with the customer.



In this application the optimal design of the rolling bearings and components is vital in increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. BTC Automotive provides reliable support and application-specific roller bearing designs for weight reduction and cost optimisation.


ancillary components

Aside from the main systems, a number of additional components contribute to the driving experience, comfort, efficient operation and safety of a vehicle. BTC Automotive is solution-oriented and offers a large selection of rolling bearings and components that are especially suitable for these applications.

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The ongoing electrification of the automotive industry has brought a new focus and the potential for optimisation of the sector. At the same time it also requires the development of essential new vehicle components. BTC Automotive has set itself the goal of responding flexibly and swiftly to these changes. This requires the development and manufacture of rolling bearings for increased energy efficiency and high-speed suitability in simple, compact designs and assemblies.

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