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As a company manufacturing solution-based bearing we want to make a difference in business.

This includes making a difference in our quality standards. For BTC, high quality is integral to all we deliver to our customers in terms of products and processes. These standards are developed, maintained and enhanced every day by all our employees and throughout our supply chain. Our facilities are of course fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and we expect the same or equivalent levels of quality assurance from our suppliers and partners. 

Our customers want their products promptly, with no incidents. They expect the highest quality and professionalism in all their dealings with BTC: First time right. Always. 

We are proud to bear this responsibility and our commitment to our employees, supply and services partners and the wider environment is our highest priority. 

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IATF 16949:2016 - Automotive Standard


Our production site has successfully received IATF 16949 certification and BTC as a remote-location in a supporting function will follow. Certification is expected within next year's surveillance audit-cycle. Due date is Aug. 2022. 

This page will be updated with further details as more information becomes available. 

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Code of Conduct

BTC corporate values are fundamental values and the basis for identity and stability to ensure future sustainability. Our Code of Conduct is our foundation in everything we do and who we are.

Download our Code of Conduct here


Our Group Environmental Policy

Throughout the BTC Group, we are commited to reducing our environmental impact in everything we do. With the increasing focus on environmental sustainability in industry, our Group companies are working hard to protect and maintain our natural resources for future generations. 

We understand that the concerns and goals we are working towards are shared by our customers, competitors, business partners and the wider community. Therefore we have created an environmental policy which outlines our guiding principles for the protection of the climate, the environment and our people.

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