Electric drivetrains – powered by batteries, fuel cells or complementing internal combustion engines – offer the most promising technologies to increase overall efficiency in the transport sector. The application is demanding with respect to friction, noise and electrical currents.

BTC Automotive has a deep and thorough knowledge of the requirements for bearings within electrical applications. Our experience and skill in electrical application bearing design ensures that no noise or vibration will come from the bearings. The cage design and ball set are optimised for e-motors and our raceway design and finishing is a guarantee of long bearing life. Electrically conducive seals, grease distribution and composures safeguard the requirements of the application.

We strive to fully understand the demands of each application’s design parameters, and in doing so choose the most appropriate materials and coatings to fit the constraints of the application. The BTC Automotive Engineering Department is a loyal partner to every customer, working together to optimise solutions for this demanding application.

e-mobiliry chassis cutaway 1280x1024