engine systems

At the heart of any vehicle is the engine, and the reliability and performance of the engine and subsystems plays a vital role. In order to meet the stringent requirements for increased efficiency, BTC engine mounts are specially designed. An optimised bearing design increases performance, while minimising friction and wear.

Our bearing solutions are found in a number of motor systems, including:




automatic transmission gearboxes

The bearings in automatic transmissions must reliably transfer varying loads and speeds in a short time. 

throttle valve bearings

A throttle valve regulates the air supply in an engine, where high operating temperatures, small swivel movements and vibration all place special demands on the bearing.

engine cooling

A vehicle’s engine-cooling system serves not just to keep the engine cool, but to also keep its temperature warm enough to ensure efficient, clean operation. System components include a radiator to dissipate heat, one or more fans to ensure adequate airflow for radiator cooling, a thermostat valve that opens when the desired operating temperature is reached and a water pump (or coolant pump) to circulate coolant through the engine, hoses and other components.

In standard automotive applications, bearing noise and proper grease selection are important considerations.

For more demanding vehicles BTC Automotive offers a suitable range of bearings which covers the demands of these applications, particularly on temperature peaks, vibration and combability with other oils, namely silicon oil in the clutches.

Our uniquely composed greases meet the required service life of our bearings. The special seal is heat resistant if required. Our bearing materials ensure that all requirements for thermal stability and deformation are met. Our special knowledge on bearing design ensures that no vibration and noise addect the functionality of the application. 

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